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Why to Choose Ariyava

Ariyava Montessori matric higher secondary school offers students a plethora of experiential learning opportunities, enabling the future citizens to equip with 21st century skills to face the challenges of the modern world. The erudite and experienced learning fraternity gives your child a comprehensive exposure to the changing trends of the core subjects which is taught through state of art digital platforms.  

Our Mission

We at Ariyava Montessori matric higher secondary school provides a holistic based modern educational memoranda which allows each student to explore his/her empowerment  in all areas of development-academic, physical, emotional, spiritual and social to his/her potential. Our school aims to develop rural village children’s to provide high class education with the 21st century skills, facilitating our students to compete on equal footing with those from the world’s best institutionsin the areas of Academics, Hybrid learning, Modern skills and Co-curricular activities.

Our Vision

   To establish global harmony and peace, offer enlightenment to every citizen and invincibility to every nation through perfection in education and the school envisages providing equal opportunity to empower every child to live with dignity, to serve selfless, to contribute her/his best to society and to eventually become a proud citizen contributing to a global world.

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